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EBENI FABER: Couches Shafts crafted in Ebony wood.
Ebeni Faber s.n.c. is a firm that produces shafts for couches and its headquarters is situated in the Industrial area of Altamura (BARI province). Its offer is especially toward the multiple couch makers firms of the area, that are its clients.
Ebeni faber (translated from Latin "crafts made of ebony") was born in the beginning of the '90s and it was transformed in a general partnership in 1998.
Two brothers, Giuseppe and Francesco Lanzone, are the executive managers and they have about ten employees. For about fifteen years they kept their production unchanged: Ebeni Faber crafts the wood to create the main structures for couches, armchairs, beds, sofas, and they are made with the classic carpentry tools and the typical great local craft expertises.
Almost all the craft work requests come from other firms and very rarely come from private parties.
In the future, the Lanzone brothers want to keep unchanged their products high quality that made them one of the leaders in their sector.

Giuseppe Lanzone said "our firm is a niche reality that is very strong in the Apulia region but it is not able to act on a national level because of logistics problems". In specific, since the materials are very heavy and bulky, the transport operations all over Italy are quite difficult, and that makes Ebeni Faber strategy to be the consolidation of its position in the local market.

Laboratorio: Via del Cardoncello, 20 - 70022 - ALTAMURA (BA) - Tel. 0803118659 - Fax 0803104287
P.IVA N. 05075140722 - E-mail: info@ebenifaber.it

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